Keyword Research: Using Google’s Keyword Tool

Google's adword tool helps you identify the best keywords to target

Google's adword tool helps you identify the best keywords to target

Keyword research is key to making sure your content gets found by people looking for your products and services. Your information may be great but it won’t help people if they can’t find it. Search engines help people find you online. You get found when you’re visible on page one of search results. Your page one happens with keyword rich content placing you on top of the pile or pay per click (PPC) where you pay for position (top 3 center plus right column).

Keyword rich content starts with learning the words or keyword phrases people are searching for. This series of articles is meant to help people who are getting starting writing for the web. The biggest reason to use keyword rich content is that once written, the content keeps working for you year after year. Your investment is one time versus PPC where you need to keep paying year after year.

Once you start writing, you’ll realize writing about your business and sharing your expertise will help you clarify your ideas. You’ll find the clarity helps when talking to customers, networking with peer business owners and developing your personal brand. As you develop your ideas, you’ll see how one idea can influence your website, a customer handout, how you interact on Facebook and more.

Google Adwords to Pick Your Keywords

For this series of articles, we’re using an article written by an interior decorator. When writing the article, Installing Curtains: Where Do I Hang Them?, I realized homeowners also need guidance on the different types of window treatments – what do you want, how to buy the right product for your budget and how to install (shutters) or hang (curtains) them. I asked a friend and interior decorator to write one of these missing articles and I’m working with her to shape the article, Choosing window treatments: where to begin?

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Keyword = Window Treatment(s)?

The most popular tool is Google’s keyword tool which is free. So let’s jump into the tool and see how it works. You start by typing in the words/phrases you think your target customers are searching for, i.e. box in upper right (recommend 5). So let me share what I learned here

  • Step #1 – Using the window article, window treatments seemed like the keyword phrase to write for. Maybe? The keyword tool quickly showed that more people search for window coverings. This illustrates that our industry lingo isn’t understood or used by customers, so we need to learn and start using the words and phrases that are most comfortable for homeowners. Until I compared these terms, I was following my decorating friends but more people will search for window coverings, 301,000 monthly in the US versus 245,000 for window treatments.


Learn how to test your words-phrases in google keyword tool
  • Step #2 – You should sort the list of words/phrases by search volume. It doesn’t make sense to compete for the top terms because you’ll compete with well funded, national brands like Home Depot or Benjamin Moore Paint. For window coverings, just google “window coverings” and you’ll find your competitors are HunterDouglas, JCPenneys, BudgetBlinds, SEARs and more. This list tells me I will be more successful competing for “window covering ideas” or “window treatment ideas’ … and expanding on ideas, drill down to “ideas” for different rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.


Sort terms and find most common terms being searched for

… so which keywords should you target? Generic terms that include “ideas” to dominate a term.


Here are window covering topics that you can compete for

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